Georgia Trust, Estate and Business Litigation Law Firm

The James Law Firm, LLC is a litigation law firm in Atlanta, Ga. founded by Bridget James. The firm focuses on disputes and claims involving wills, trusts and estates; probate matters; and contract and business disputes.

Probate Litigation / Trust and Estate Litigation

The James Law Firm

As an experienced Georgia estate and trust litigation attorney, I have successfully represented individuals, families, heirs, businesses, financial institutions and others in fiduciary roles, helping them to resolve their fiduciary disputes. Trust, estate and probate litigation is a complex area of the law requiring legal counsel from an attorney with significant experience in litigating and resolving will, trust, estate and probate disputes. Many families use trust agreements and other probate-avoidance techniques to transfer wealth from one generation to another. While trusts and estate planning mechanisms can be an effective means of preserving wealth, controversies can arise for numerous reasons, including ambiguities, competing interests or dishonest intentions.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty Litigation

The James Law Firm

Breaches of fiduciary duties can occur when a person has abused a power of attorney or acted contrary to the best interests of the person or principal for which he or she acts as a fiduciary. If you are facing a situation where you believe there has been a breach of fiduciary duty – or if you are being unfairly accused of breaching a fiduciary duty – please contact me. I have experience representing heirs and beneficiaries who assert claims, and also defending executors, trustees and other administrators who are accused of breaching their fiduciary duties.

Contract and Business Litigation

The James Law Firm

The James Law Firm represents clients in business and contract-related disputes. I have many years of experience protecting clients’ interests and pursuing or defending claims such as fraud, breach of contract, conversion, breach of fiduciary duty, and other business-related claims.

Contact me for a consultation if you are facing a trust, estate or business dispute and would like to learn about potential options for resolving your matter.